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Blitz interview : Susan Polgar

Dernière mise à jour : 22 juil. 2019

I Susan, was so nice to see you in Hyeres and now to see your pictures in Paris. Do you enjoy France ? What does this country mean to you ? I love France. I have visited this country many times and always love to come back. It is so rich in history, has magnificent architecture, beautiful landscape, and of course delicious food 😁 Can you tell few words about SPICE, Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence ? It is one of the best chess training facilities in the world. Our main training center is a little bigger than 1100 square meters. Many strong young players have gone through or currently at SPICE. A few examples are GMs Le Quang Liem, Wesley So, Jorge Cori, Illia Nyzhnyk, Ray Robson, Lazaro Bruzon, Yuniesky Quesada, Emilio Cordova, Peter Prohaszka, Alex Shimanov, Vasif Durarbayli, etc. Some of them have won Olympiad Gold and Silver medals and various World Championships (World Blitz and World University Championship, etc). Do you have any program running or forecasted in Europe ? At this moment, nothing solid yet. But I am opened to the idea. What would you recommand to Chess clubs like ours to keep our young female chess player ? We have many of them starting chess 6 to 8 years old then loosing a significant % of them every year to finish with one or 2 after 14 years old. This is why there is a need for special training programs and events for girls, especially at higher levels. Girls are generally practical. If they see no viable future career in chess, they will do something else. To finish this Blitz interview, what movie would you recommand to our blog readers ? This chess documentary is very interesting It shows what the brain can do 😁

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